The Future of Basketball in the Sahel

Our mission is to develop basketball in the Sahel region of Africa by creating a platform for young basketball players to showcase their talents and develop their skills.


Sahel Basketball organizes elite basketball camps in collaboration with African national basketball federations. The organization's three main objectives aim to grow the game of basketball and create a sustainable future for player development in the Sahel region of Africa.



Our goal is to promote basketball players from the Sahel Region of Africa. We do this by capturing  game and practice footage of our participants during our events to then create player profiles. 

We believe that content is a critical piece to showcasing our participants. By empowering our participants with their own content we hope to maximize their playing opportunities.


We provide training to local coaches in conjunctions with our elite basketball camps. The transfer of knowledge from experienced coaches is important for the sustainability of player development once we leave an area. 

Coach training is our way of planting seeds in local basketball communities. 


We serve as the link between our participants and basketball institutions. We advocate for our participants by assisting them in obtaining playing opportunities locally and abroad. 

We believe that basketball is a vessel to educational success, and encourage our participants to select playing opportunities that will further their education. 



N'Djamena, Chad

Chad's elite basketball was held from May 16 to 20, 2018 at the Lycée Félix Éboué in N'Djamena. In partnership with the Chadian Basketball Federation, we invited the best players from the region to demonstrate to the international basketball community the talent that exists in Chad.

During the camp, participants had the opportunity to develop their skills and demonstrate their talents through various drills, scrimmages and skills competitions.

Additional workshops and clinics were held for local coaches, and evening discussions were organized for participants to learn about international playing opportunities at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.